Logo Design and Branding pb-interactive-designer-logo

Are you are looking to start a new business? Or maybe revamp a pre-existing one?

If so, then establishing visual identity that is unique, clean and professional is a must for success in today’s digital ecosystem where first impressions are determined within seconds.

Here is a brief list of my process and what you will get when working with me on your ‘Logo Design and Branding’ project:

• Phase 1: Initial briefing where we will discuss questions and ideas regarding what your business is all about and the vision for your logo.

• Phase 2: Sketch, illustration and design phase of your business’s logo begins.

• Phase 3: After final illustrations are done, you will be provided with a minimum of THREE logo variations to choose from. If more variations are needed, please let me know.

• Phase 4: Client chooses ONE final variation that he or she loves and wants to use for their business.

Note: If for any reason you are not satisfied with certain elements of your chosen variation, I will happily provide UNLIMITED edits to minute details such as colours, text style, element spacing, etc. to create a final product you are happy and satisfied with.

• Phase 5: Final Logo will be delivered in THREE .PNG files sizes, as well as the .EPS format for any personal design changes if necessary.

You are now all set! And your logo is ready for the marketplace!

Contact me today with the subject line ‘Logo Design and Branding’ for a FREE proposal on your project.


Graphic Design and Marketing Collateral

Graphic design and print work is an effective marketing strategy for any business.

If you want people to take your business seriously, you’ll need to have quality visual design and print work in place that produces a high level of credibility.

I know you have great taste, but the important thing is to translate that great taste into pixels, and eventually on stationary supplies that are inline with that exact mindset; this is where I come in.

Here is a list of the ‘Graphic Design and Marketing Collateral’ services I can offer you:

• Custom and eye-catching business card design that includes your brand’s contact information and message in a tangible format.

• Creative photo manipulation ads and banners to intrigue and convert shoppers into buyers.

• Effective illustrations and other media that will aesthetically please customers and effectively educate them on your products.

• Other print work such as: stationary, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.

For any other inquiries please contact me with the subject line ‘Graphic Design and Marketing Collateral’. Upon getting a stronger view of your project direction, I will provide you with a FREE proposal.


Web Design and Development

A website is the ultimate platform for where your business presents it’s visions, ideas, services and products to the global masses.

Without a well designed and functionally sound website, it will be tough to be heard, and if the goal is to make a viable income digitally, it will not happen without a website that cannot take payments.

As a quick exercise, take a minute and answer the questions below to get a better understanding of  the ‘WHY’ behind getting your own website done:

Do you have a product, or service you can sell online, or direct people to purchase from you?

Are you an authority figure that has a strong message, and/or solution to provide to the world?

Do you plan to eventually create some sort of passive income generator to then market within your website? Such as an ebook, subscription, or digital course?

Are you a part of an affiliate marketing program, but don’t have a platform to rake in the commission?

Are you a creative type that needs a digital space to showcase work for potential clients and/or employers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’ll want to consider getting a website made.

Contact me today, and get a FREE proposal on your ‘Web Design and Development’ needs to take your business to the next level of professionalism and prosperity.

Respectfully yours,

– Poyan B